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About Us

About Us


   House of Hope is based on the belief that the Scriptures in the Holy Bible are the revealed will of God, inspired by God Himself through the Holy Spirit for the purpose of maintaining general unity and establishing truth. We believe that through faith in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we are born again, receive the Holy Spirit, and gain eternal life.


   We also believe that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our House of Hope residents are referred to us by Youth Group leaders, Churches, professional, and personal referrals, and also previous residents' referrals.


 The Mission Goals 
*To offer young people hope and a future through unconditional love, structure, Christian counseling, teaching and education based on God’s Word.

* To rescue hurting and troubled youth from the destructive forces invading the lives of our teens today by offering Godly alternatives.

* To assist in healing the hurts and scars from these young peoples’ past.

*  To help free young people from the bondage which have held them captive, such as drugs, alcohol, physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

*  To teach youth skills and training which will prepare them to become productive citizens and an effective part of society.

* To provide a temporary home, a safe harbor where these youth are loved, nourished, nurtured, clothed and protected from the muck and mire of the world until they can be reconciled with their family, whenever possible. This will be administered through a loving, home-style environment.



The Process

 After the initial telephone interview, we mail out our information packet with required paperwork.The information packet has detailed information about the Parental Requirements, Rules of the Program, the Phase descriptions, and detailed information concerning requirements for Intake.


  We then schedule an interview with the parents or guardians. Prior to entering the program, all families must have first participated in at least two (2) interviews with at least one parent or guardian, preferably both, and the teen.


  After much consideration and a lot of prayer, the teen may be deemed a suitable candidate for The Program, and an Intake date is determined, or the teen is placed on The Waiting List.